Biomed Spring Activated IV Pressure Infusers


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Spring activated infusion pressers are used for quick emergency fluid admission on the field or anywhere an IV pole isn’t available. The Biomed infuser does not require power and operates by generating pressure with a spring mechanism. Once set up, the infuser doesn’t need to be manually operated which frees up medical staff for other important tasks.

The IV pressure infuser consists of two groups of three steel plates that fasten at one edge around a common hinge. By placing the IV bag inside of the infuser sleeve and closing the plates, it will compress the bag until it’s empty. They can be activated and laid right at the patient’s side or clipped near them. The infuser can be washed, disinfected and reused. Expand your first-aid pack or survival kit with this spring activated pressure infuser.


Constructed from six metal plates with fabric cover
Accommodates 500 to 1000ml IV bags
Allows for rapid fluid administration
Can be used in vehicles, on the field or in an emergency room

25cm H x 17cm W (When in use)
17cm H 8.5cm L 5.5cm W (When folded)

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